Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jumping of the Face of the Earth into Mercy

When we are young…the new adventures in life seem much more potent.  Driving has become something of a reflex for me, but I still remember the thrill of driving alone for the first time with a new license.  It was raw and exciting.  I also maintain those memories of traveling Europe on my own during a vacation from a study abroad program in Bath, England.  There is one thrill I have not yet experienced and it is the exhilaration of a lifetime.  Skydiving!!

Another one of my flamboyant ideas has been forming nonstop.  I would desperately like to go skydiving this summer and film an anti-bullying campaign.  The theme will be to plunge off the face of the earth into a cushion of understanding and mercy.  Let’s start off the 2011-2012 school year on a thrilling note.

My family has been pressuring me to suspend the jump until the end of summer when I initially was planning on doing it in a few weeks.  In my opinion, bullying does not take a vacation even when school does.  The torment I sometimes endured over the summer in Day Camp was just an extension of the school year.  But I definitely want the video to make as much of an impact as possible.  My family is not always right and sometimes their guidance is abominable.  They could be right about this one, however.

In accordance with my fantasies…I would like the entire community to wait at the ground when I descend from the heavens.  They will be holding up signs and chanting anti-bullying slogans.  The theme of this video will be the same as the speech filmed at Arlington Middle School last November.  Someday Has to Be Today. Until someone can dangle a crystal ball over someone’s head and predict the definite future, someday is not good enough!  Things did not get much better for me until my book was published in 2010.  Nobody should be forced to go through the extremes I went through in order to earn respect from society.

My previous attempts to promote the anti-bullying campaign have not worked as well as I have hoped.  Maybe things will turn for the better with this new stunt and it is going to circulate like wildfire.  How does a YouTube video even become popular?  I mean…some of them are just so silly like the one with the two girls singing the Justin Bieber as their weird father is dancing in the background.   If the public does not pay attention to a man with autism jumping out of a perfectly functional plane then perhaps nothing will ever work!

Come join me around August 15th, 2011 and launch off the 2011-2012 school year before it begins.  The right way!  It feels good to have such profound support from the community and this is going to be their video, too.  Have a great summer and hope you have goals to keep you occupied.  As for me, I will spend the entire summer working diligently on my second book, which will be titled, Transitioning to Success.  It is going to focus on the often-brutal transition from childhood to full-blown adulthood.  The writing process will grow much easier because I always have so much more energy during the summer months.

I always want to fill up the whole page when writing a new blog entry so I will try to fill in the rest with nonsense.  Sooo….have any of you dared to wade into your frigid pools for the unofficial start of summer.  Rejoice in the summer and know that bullying will not take a vacation even when school does.  I will work hard to make sure your kids have a better chance of earning mercy and acceptance when they say goodbye to their beautiful summer.

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